CSOs Seek National Honour For Adamawa Philanthropist

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A coalition of 75 civil society organisations (CSOs) in the north, Concerned Northern Forum, has eulogized the founder and president of Emnamu Foundation, Dr. Emmanuel Musa, for his philanthropy and humanitarian services.

At a press conference in Abuja yesterday, the group’s spokesperson, Comrade Abdulsalam Moh’d Kazeem, praised Dr. Musa for tirelessly providing basic amenities such as water and shelter for victims of insecurity in his home state of Adamawa and other places.

Kazeem said, “We are thrilled to identify with a young man who is so passionate about positively touching the lives of the less privileged around him. At just 34, Dr. Musa has demonstrated astonishing and unprecedented generosity, which has bettered people’s livelihoods and enhanced their welfare. He remains the only person of his age in Nigeria without political exposure who has impacted Nigerians this much.

“With hundreds of boreholes scattered across the North East and the provision of shelters for displaced persons due to Boko Haram insurgency, Dr. Musa has become a pillar of hope for widows, orphans, indigent students, youths, and the aged.

The “Humanitarian Dr” as he fondly called, recently donated roofing sheets, timber, cash, and other relief materials to over 50 victims of a rainstorm in Pella, Hong local government area of Adamawa State.

While calling on other Nigerians to emulate the philanthropist, the northern youth body praised Musa for taking it upon himself to improve the quality of education in his home state of Adamawa through scholarships and other educational interventions.

The group, however, appealed to him to extend his generosity to other states as they prayed to God to bless and prosper him in all his endeavours.

“Just recently, Dr. Emmanuel Musa in his capacity as the founder and president of Emnamu Foundation donated over N200 million to 200,000 pupils under the Adamawa Pupils Welfare Scheme. This is highly commendable, and we urge other Nigerians to borrow a leaf from this humanitarian who is sacrificing his personal earnings and making giant strides to improve the lives of others in a world marred by greed and self-centeredness.

“It is also our earnest prayer and hope that this great philanthropist will extend his generous hand of fellowship to other states and communities that are ravaged by insecurity, lack of basic services and the impact of natural disasters. We pray that Almighty Allah should prosper him and give him the wisdom and resources to carry out his humanitarian services not just to northern Nigeria but the whole country and Africa as a whole,” the statement added.

The groups called on the federal government, under the leadership of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to bestow on Musa a befitting national honour as a matter of patriotic urgency, to spur him and others to greater service to their communities.


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