Countries With The Safest Roads



Australia has some of the safest roads in the world thanks to several measures to manage the more than 19.8 million registered motor vehicles. Australia is known for its well-designed roads and a focus on road safety campaigns and education.



Canada places a significant emphasis on road safety, with wide and well-maintained roads and comprehensive traffic laws. In regions with harsh winter conditions, special attention is given to winter road maintenance and safety measures, including snow clearance and salting.



The UK has a robust road safety program and advanced road infrastructure, leading to a relatively low number of accidents compared to other countries.



The Netherlands boasts well-designed roads and an excellent public transportation system, contributing to its high road safety levels. The country is known for its extensive network of cycle paths and well-planned road systems, promoting safety for all road users.



Norway is also renowned for its safe roads with some of the most stringent traffic regulations. The roads are well-engineered incorporating many modern features with strict procurement and approval processes.



This island country in Southern Europe is located in the Mediterranean Sea. The country is one of those with the fewest number of fatalities by population and the least number of fatalities per million passenger cars of any European nation.



Japan’s road system is well-maintained and regulated, contributing to its reputation for having safe roads. They prioritize pedestrian safety, particularly in urban areas, by providing well-marked pedestrian crossings, pedestrian-only zones, and pedestrian bridges or underpasses.

Written by IAN BATANDA



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