CAP Unveils Initiative To Honour Painters In Nigeria

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Nigeria’s leading paint and coatings manufacturer CAP Plc, has announced the launch of its latest endeavour, the CAP Plc Painters Loyalty Scheme, aimed at honouring the hard work and loyalty of painters who trust its products for their projects.

The program represents the company’s appreciation for the skilled professionals who infuse life and vibrancy into spaces worldwide. Through this program, painters can now earn valuable rewards with every purchase of products from Dulux outlets.

Capability development manager, CAP Plc, Charles Michael, in a press statement made available to LEADERSHIP, said: “At CAP Plc, we deeply value the dedication and expertise painters bring to their craft. The Painters Loyalty Scheme is our way of expressing gratitude to the painters who choose CAP Plc Day in and day out. We’re excited to introduce this program as a token of our appreciation and to further strengthen our partnerships with painters.”

The CAP Plc Painter Loyalty Scheme is now open to all painters who purchase products from our Dulux outlets. To enrol and learn more about the program, please visit CAP Plc website.

Painters only need to register using their phone numbers to become members and start accumulating points instantly. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future product purchases from Dulux outlets, as well as for a host of enticing prizes and rewards

To ensure transparency and ease of use, painters will receive real-time SMS notifications for each transaction, keeping them informed of their points balance and available rewards.

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