Blogger Who Accused E-Money Of Having Romantic Affair With Jnr Pope’s Wife Arrested

Blogger Who Accused E-Money Of Having Romantic Affair With Jnr Pope’s Wife Arrested

Famous businessman and billionaire, Emeka Okonkwo, better known as E-money has finally arrested one of his accusers.

Famous business tycoon , billionaireand CEO of Five Star, Emeka Okonkwo, also known as E-money, has announced the arrest of a blogger who accused him of having romantic affair with the wife of late actor, Junior Pope.

Recall that E-money had on May 17, 2024,  launched a search for some persons who accused him of sleeping with Junior Pope’s wife, Jennifer Awele and also having a hand in the actor’s death on Facebook.

However, a few days later, E-money successfully apprehended a man who spearheaded the malicious claim with the help of the police.

The man had accused E-money of having some escapades with Junior Pope’s wife and being among those that caused the actor’s death.

He alleged that even while Junior Pope was alive, he was suspicious about his wife’s movements. He added that doesn’t E-money’s move to cater for Jnr Pope’s children till they are mature is due to his romantic affair with Jnr Pope’s wife.

In the video, the man further raged at E-money and his gang whom he accused of plotting Jnr Pope’s death, stating that he can now have Jnr Pope’s wife to himself hence he has succeeded in eliminating the actor.

Taking to IG to announce the arrest, E-money wrote:

“I’m relieved to share that one of the individuals responsible for the character assassination against me has been apprehended by the Nigeria Police Force and will face prosecution. This is a significant step towards ending the scourge of cyberbullying.

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the diligent officers of the Nigerian Police Force for their unwavering commitment to justice.”


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