“Before you agree to marry any man, please taste his male 0rgan” – Lawyer tells women

"Before you agree to marry any man, please taste his male 0rgan" – Lawyer tells women

A Nigerian lawyer has shared via her page on Facebook what women should do before they agree to marry any man.

She advised that women test the male organs of their partners to know if an erection or hardness is possible.

According to her sex before marriage is not an offence under the law but deceit is grounds for divorce.

She also added that women need to heed her advice so they can avoid future problems in their marriages

Her post read;

“BEFORE you go into MARRIAGE with ANY MAN, please TASTE that MALE ORGAN to know if it’s STANDING UP/ if ERECTION is possible. DECEIT is a GROUND for DÌVORCE in law.

THE Law is not AGAINST SẸ̄X before MARRIAGE. It’s not an 0FFENCE UNDER the LAW 

Please I am not CANAL. IT’S the fact.”

While some internet users disagreed with her, others stated that she had dealt with too many marriage cases, hence her outburst.

Below are some of the comments,

@balo_ng:  I hope you know that the fact that it is standing erect and working doesn’t also mean it is fertile. So do you advice ladies to also get pregnant before marriage to prove it is fertile too?

@iam_bmodel:  You can’t tell me otherwise, I’m following what the Bible says, total abstinence

@joycegeorge:  Please this is not a good advice. There’s what we call erection distinction and this can happen after testing. Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge. Make Una Dey promote good morals abeg

@useful_herbs:  It can stand but still not produce viable sperm cells. What you need to do is do a semen analysis test instead

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