Army Thwarts Attempted Coup In DR Congo


Another attempt to topple a democratically elected government in Africa has been foiled as the Army in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) announced on Sunday that it has smashed an attempted coup against President Felix Tshikedi.

DR Congo Army spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Sylavin Ekenge, said on the state-run broadcaster RTNC TV that several suspects had been detained and the “situation is now under control”, stressing that the coup attempt in the capital Kinshasa involved Congolese and foreign fighters.

Armed men reportedly attacked the house of Vital Kamerhe, the former chief of staff and close ally to President Tshisekedi early on Sunday morning. A group of about 20 assailants in Army uniform reportedly assaulted the residence and an exchange of gunfire followed.

Local media reports said the attackers were members of the New Zaire Movement linked to formerly exiled politician Christian Malanga.

Reports said that two guards and an assailant were killed in the attack on Mr Kamerhe’s house, his spokesman and the Japanese ambassador said in posts on X.

President Tshekedi, who won a reelection amid controversies, has not made any public comment on the situation so far, while the Japanese ambassador in the Congolese capital has cautioned the Japanese nationals to be careful about where they go in the beleaguered country.

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