Archbishop Sam Zuga Officially Presents First Independent Cryptocurrency Bank In The World On Occasion Of His 53rd Birthday

Archbishop Sam Zuga Officially Presents First Independent Cryptocurrency Bank In The World On Occasion Of His 53rd Birthday

The first professor of digital economy in the world, Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga, a man of multiple and diverse talents, a clergy, a philanthropist, the President and founder of SamZuga foundation, founder of the first digital currency in Africa, “Zugacoin” a widely celebrated African personality, marks his 53rd birthday with a groundbreaking solution to Africa’s longstanding poverty crisis, SAMZUGA GPT.

Born on May 5th, 1971, Archbishop Zuga has transformed from a life of shame and pain into a renowned problem solver.

He envisions a future where poverty in Nigeria and Africa becomes a thing of the past.

On the occasion of his birthday today, Archbishop Zuga officially presents SAMZUGA GPT, a revolutionary initiative aimed at combating poverty through Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and the digital economy. With the cost of living rising daily and traditional approaches failing to address the financial crisis, SAMZUGA GPT emerges as a timely solution.

SAMZUGA GPT, the world’s first independent cryptocurrency bank powered by artificial intelligence, is designed to address two major issues:

1. To solve the problem of cryptocurrency volatility. When you deposit your cryptocurrency in the Samzuga GPT, you will not be affected by market crashes but rather be getting daily interest. The falling and rising of the cryptocurrency market will not affect you.

2. To help you accumulate wealth without work. You will stop working to make money but money will be working to make you. Your money will stop sleeping under Air Condition in the bank while you work under a scorching Sun to make money. You will be sleeping in air condition and money will be working.

There is no third party involvement in the Samzuga GPT. Only you and technology would be interacting. Withdrawal is automated but would be processed within 24 hours. You can contact support for solutions if your withdrawal delays after 48 hours.

Samzuga GPT works strictly on the referral system. You will receive 5% of the initial deposit of any person you refer instantly.

Zugacoin (SZCB) is the only cryptocurrency to be used in banking with this cryptocurrency bank. USDT and BNB are the only cryptocurrencies enabled to deposit and swap to SZCB for staking. Other cryptocurrencies would be included in due time.


1. You will have total control over your money. You don’t need approval from anyone to do your transaction when due.

2. Your login details could be transferred to your children, your children’s children will continue enjoying the benefits without passing through rigorous procedures.

3. You will be getting 1% daily, through artificial intelligence trading . Unlike in a traditional banking system. You only wake up to see your money growing like tomatoes everyday.

4. You can deposit any volume of money and withdraw any volume anywhere in the world without approval from anyone. But bear in mind that our KYC features are very strong to track you when your transaction is suspicious. Your details would be released to the government upon request.

5. The staking duration is one year, subject to renewal upon the expiration of one year. You will mandatory restake your interest for the first three months. At the end of the fourth month, it is your choice to continue restaking your interest or to continue withdrawing it out of the system.


If you keep your login details carelessly or give it to a wrong person. You will lose everything and nothing could be done about it.

To register for SAMZUGA GPT or for more information, visit or contact via WhatsApp at +234 907 544 0130.

Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga envisions SAMZUGA GPT as his 2024 birthday gift to Africa and the world. Stay tuned for the celebration of his 53rd birthday and the official commissioning of SAMZUGA GPT by the President of Nigeria in the near future.

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