Amb. Obaseki Celebrates Continent’s Enduring Spirit



The founder of Brave Hearts Group, Ambassador Princess Adesuwa Obaseki, has hosted diplomats, key stakeholders and government officials in recognition of her contributions to African culture even as she underscored her commitment to promoting the culture on the global stage to mark Africa Day celebration.

The two-day event attracted a diverse audience, including government officials, secondary school students, and key stakeholders from the culture and tourism sectors.

Notable attendees included Ambassadors from Brazil, Burundi, Trinidad and Tobago, China, and UNESCO, as well as Otunba Hakeem Adetunji, Chairman of the Yoruba Community in Abuja.

On May 24, 2024, Africa Day was celebrated with grandeur, emphasising the continent’s rich cultural heritage and its journey through history. The event highlighted a keynote address by Ambassador Princess Adesuwa Obaseki, who focused on Africa’s enduring resilience and promising future.

In her speech titled, “Africa Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” Ambassador Obaseki reflected on Africa’s profound transformation from ancient civilizations to the modern era, emphasising the continent’s resilience and potential.

She asserted that “Africa’s journey is a testament to its enduring spirit and the dynamic interplay of its challenges and opportunities.”

She stated that her insightful analysis captivated the audience, who were impressed by her extensive knowledge and passion for African culture.

Princess Obaseki is a philanthropist, an eloquent speaker and a distinguished entrepreneur that runs a multimillion Naira investment, which started as a small business under her exceptional leadership. Her ventures include Bravehearts Marketing Communications Limited, Palm Afrika, and the Transition Train Lottery, all reflects her innovative spirit and strategic foresight.

Beyond her business accomplishments, Ambassador Obaseki is dedicated to philanthropy. Through the Transition Train Lottery, she has empowered countless individuals across Nigeria and beyond with business setups, community programs, and real estate initiatives. Her efforts have significantly improved the quality of life for many.

In recognition of her contributions to African culture, she was appointed as a Cultural Ambassador to the African Union in November 2021, underscoring her commitment to promoting African culture on a global scale.

The celebration featured an array of activities such as music, dance, and art performances, which showcased the diversity and vibrancy of African culture. The festivities continued on the morning of May 25 with a Liberation Walk through selected routes in Abuja.

The day concluded with a diplomatic dinner at the Korea Cultural Center, where the Korean Ambassador emphasized the importance of strengthening trade and cultural ties between Africa and South Korea.

Overall, Africa Day 2024 was a resounding success, celebrating the continent’s rich heritage and future potential.

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