AIICO Insurance Rewards School Children

AIICO Insurance Rewards School Children


AIICO Insurance has rewarded and honoured school children to commemorate International Children’s Day to commemorate International Children’s Day.

AIICO Insurance Plc tailored this year’s celebration to honouring and rewarding school children, making the day a memorable and remarkable one for hundreds of school pupils in Lagos.

AIICO Insurance, leveraging partnership with Lagos Food Bank, a non-governmental organisation, donated packs of school supplies, and refreshments to hundreds of pupils in four low-cost nursery/primary schools. The schools visited include Best Legacy Nursery and Primary School, Victory Nursery and Primary School, Learners Guide Nursery and Primary School, and Debbie Frank Nursery and Primary School, all within Agege, Ikeja areas of Lagos.

On the gesture, the company’s Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability manager, Mrs. Abimbola Shobanjo, as saying, AIICO Insurance prioritises the well-being and happiness of children who are the leaders of tomorrow.

“We deeply care about the well-being of these children, and it is important to demonstrate our commitment, especially on a day like this. They are the future leaders of our generation, and we are dedicated to finding ways to positively impact their lives, ensuring they have every opportunity to thrive and succeed in their education. By providing essential supplies and support, we aim to inspire and empower them to achieve their dreams and make a positive impact on the world.”

“We would also like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Lagos Food Bank, our esteemed partner in this CSR activity. Their invaluable collaboration and dedication have been instrumental in making this initiative a success. Together, we are making a meaningful difference in the lives of these young minds, fostering a brighter and more promising future for all”, Shobanjo said.

International Children’s Day is a special day that celebrates and promotes the well-being of children and emphasises their importance in society as the future of our world.

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