AI Key Instrument To Navigate Climate Change, Says Expert  

AI Key Instrument To Navigate Climate Change, Says Expert  

An environmental scientist, Olamide Iyanda, has underscored the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in accurately forecasting environmental changes globally.

Making this assertion at a media briefing recently, Iyanda highlighted the transformative potential of AI in this domain.

He said, “Artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning algorithms, has revolutionized the way environmental changes are predicted and understood.

“By analyzing vast amounts of data from various sources, AI systems can identify patterns, trends, and anomalies that humans might overlook.

“AI allows us to process enormous datasets and extract valuable insights, enabling more accurate forecasting of environmental changes.

“Climate models utilize AI algorithms to simulate complex interactions between atmospheric, oceanic, and terrestrial systems, providing forecasts of future climate conditions.

“AI-driven climate models offer a more nuanced understanding of climate dynamics, enabling policymakers to make informed decisions to mitigate the impacts of climate change,” he stated.

Iyanda firmly asserted that AI-powered predictive analytics can forecast environmental events such as extreme weather events, natural disasters, and ecological shifts.

By analyzing historical data and real-time observations, AI algorithms can identify early warning signs and alert authorities and communities to take proactive measures.


“The predictive capabilities of AI enable us to anticipate environmental changes and take timely actions to minimize their impact on ecosystems and human populations.

AI-driven environmental monitoring systems leverage sensor data and satellite imagery to track changes in land use, vegetation health, air quality, and water resources.”

AI-based monitoring platforms offer a cost-effective and scalable approach to environmental surveillance, facilitating evidence-based decision-making for sustainable resource management,” he remarked.

Iyanda underscored the importance of leveraging AI in forecasting environmental changes.

When we harness the power of artificial intelligence, the expert opined that researchers, policymakers, and environmental practitioners can gain deeper insights into the complex

dynamics of our planet and develop effective strategies to address environmental challenges.

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