“Adekunle was not supposed to buy Simi a car. He did it to pepper me” – says Brymo

"Adekunle was not supposed to buy Simi a car. He did it to pepper me" – says Brymo

Olawale Ashimi Olofooro popularly called Brymo, in an exclusive interview with Chude Jideonwo, spoke on many aspects of his life including the controversy he has been in with many Nigerian A-list artistes.

He spoke extensively about the power couple, Simi and Adekunle Gold, and what he thinks of them. Earlier, Brymo shared with the public how he propositioned Simi for sex when she came to him for a music feature.

In his defense, he said he did that so they could connect emotionally when singing together, but Simi declined. He also derides Adekunle for buying his wife a car shortly afterward.

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When the news about me asking Simi to allow me to ‘knack’ her before I can be inspired to make music with her was trending, Adekunle quickly went and bought Simi a car. Why? When I asked Simi to ‘taste my gbola’ before we could make music together, it wasn’t for anything. I just wanted us to feel connected when making music so the music can be emotional. At that time, I didn’t even know they were dating or planning to get married. And she was the one who came to me asking for a feature. Then when this issue started trending, Adekunle swiftly went to buy the girl a car. It felt like witchcraft. He was doing that to pepper me, but I don’t care, ”

Brymo does not hide his dislike of the couple from the public. Yet the reason why Simi and Adekunle Gold would allegedly even choose to do everything to spite him is not known. Many questioned why Brymo would always try to fix himself into every trendy news about the couple, and others finding it  baffling.

Watch the snippet of the interview below,

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