Ace Producer K-Solo Unveiled As OlakzRide Brand Ambassador

Ace Producer K-Solo Unveiled As OlakzRide Brand Ambassador

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OlakzRide, Mr Olasupo Kuye, has said that the organisation decided to make K-Solo its brand ambassador to add value to the brand.

Kuye stated in an interview that when the project started, he publicised to a whole lot of people, but that other people didn’t answer, saying that he just contacted K-Solo and that he obliged.

“People say don’t just transact with anybody online, but I took that risk and he replied. I got his WhatsApp number and I sent him a text and he did the job for me. Ever since, my e-presence has grown.

“We transporters don’t understand what a brand is. I understand how to get people from point A to B, but making people know the brand, K-Solo has been strategic about it. He even gave me some ideas that are very good for the brand and we will keep moving it forward. It’s a blessing having him as a brand ambassador and I wish we can keep him for a very long time,” he said.

Kuye stressed that he launched the project six months ago and that it’s been a good review so far, adding that whenever he explained the plan behind the business to a lot of people they love to jump on it because they know it’s going to be a very good organisation to be part of and work with.

He said further that the uniqueness of Ola’s ride is that it was not going to be doing the percentage billing which a lot of drivers are finding difficult to work with.

“We are going to put it on subscription and it’s going to be a very good subscription that drivers can easily benefit from. There’s going to be a post-paid weekly subscription and prepaid monthly subscription with a bit discount. The postpaid weekly subscription is something all drivers can easily afford which means a driver is going to work all week and they pay after working for that week.

“Navigating the app is very easy and user friendly. You just have to download it from either Google Playstore or iOS store, and Apple. It has both the driver and passenger registration on one app, you just have to switch whichever you want to go on, if you want to be a driver you can just easily switch to driver.

“After you register as a driver, make sure you complete all your permits and then you start taking riders. As a rider, just register, put your phone number and you can book a ride, a driver is ready to pick you up,” he said.

On the inspiration to start an e-hailing business, he said that it came from his educational background because right from when he was back home in Nigeria, he studied transportation management at the Federal University of Technology, Akure and that he did his intern with ABC Transport.

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