A young man shares his 4 days experience after his sister’s first childbirth (WATCH)

A young man shares his 4 days experience after his sister's first childbirth (WATCH)

A heartwarming display of devotion has amused many online as a young man showed empathy to his sister during her first childbirth.

The man known as @moonworld7 on TikTok shared a video of a hearty moment with his sister and her newborn baby, evoking reactions from online users.

In the video, the man had documented multiple scenes of his sister’s emotional state after delivery. He noted that she requested to see her baby after two hours of delivery and later wept after 4 hours due to the pain of the delivery process.

He stated that the following day, his sister had become happy and cheerful with her baby and the baby glared at him after he said the baby resembled him jokingly.

He revealed that the nanny’s duty was quite exhausting after he stayed up caring for the baby while his sister slept.

Netizens have applauded the young man’s display of affection towards his sister and baby, congratulating them on the baby’s arrival.

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@officialginishow Awww,this is how my brother was there for when I had my second baby even donated blood for me❤,and God blessed him with my Son looking exactly like him.God bless you Rich Man

@dianagold67 Am so proud of u standing by ur sister… it very difficult to see brodas like dis… they are rare u loved dearest… ur future wife would be grateful

@realsarahemmanuel See as pikin may dem new born eye Dey shine 😂😂😂😂cute baby 😍

@rehoboths_kitchen God bless you. Best brother and best uncle award goes to you. Your wife will enjoy you

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