A Nigerian mother conducts an interview session for her daughter’s suitor

A Nigerian mother conducts an interview session for her daughter's suitor

An internet user who identifies as @omotorwunmy has shared on X (Twitter) how a colleague of hers was interviewed alongside two other suitors by his partner’s mother.

She tweeted that her colleague had passed with flying colors while the other remaining suitors were dismissed.

Her tweet read;

“This my colleague has been going out with a girl for some months now. Earlier this week, the girl told him her mother would like to see him today He dressed up this morning and went to see the woman. He was sh0cked when he got there and saw that two other guys were also patiently waiting for the woman His girlfriend’s mother finally came out and started interviewing the three guys So apparently, his girlfriend was dating two other guys aside him so her mom invited the three of them so she could pick the best for her After a lengthy interview, the mother discharged two of those guys leaving only my colleague( he passed the interview with flying colours. All this while my colleague said he was boiling inside but does not want to disrespect the woman. Finally oo, the woman told him to bring his people so they can do a mini introduction and plan for their wedding My guy is still trying to process everything that happened. He said it’s like he’s dreaming. I’ve told him to inform his people so they can go and pay pride price. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder”

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