200 Golfers Jostle For Honour As Ogalla Tees Off NMS @ 70 Golf Tourney

200 Golfers Jostle For Honour As Ogalla Tees Off NMS @ 70 Golf Tourney

The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla, yesterday at the TY Buratai Golf Course in Abuja, teed off a special golf tournament to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Nigeria Military School (NMS) establishment.

The event which was put together by the NMS ex-boys association as part of activities marking the 70th anniversary celebration of Military School, brought together a vast array of golfers from far and wide including 50 ex-boys who are also golf players.

Vice Admiral Ogalla, who was the special guest of honour and NMS ex-boy himself, thanked the organisers for putting the golf event together commemorating NMS aT 70th anniversary celebration, saying sports has been part of Military training.

“I want to first express my gratitude to the organizing committee for this golf tournament. It is something that we have jointly organised to mark the 70th anniversary of our Alma Mater, Nigeria Military School (NMS).

“It is a school that all of us are proud of and if you ask me what is your best experience in the service, I’ll refer you to Nigeria Military School. That is where we develop the discipline, the character, the resilience and essence of hard work within us and that is the same character that is pushing us all along.
“I’m happy to meet those that I met in the Military School and those I didn’t met, it is kind of reboot, reunion and like you said, sports is something that we started right from Military School and right now even in the service is still a major aspect of our training in ensuring we keep fit.
We encourage other organizations to invest in sports particularly the game of golf has no age barrier.

You can play golf from 10 years old up till even when you’re 90 years old. It is a game that will sustain you throughout your life and I’m happy to be part of this exercise today,” Vice Admiral Ogalla,said.

The chairman of the local organising committee, AVM K.G. Lar (retired) said 200 golfers are playing in the tournament to commemorate NMS anniversary.

“About 200 golfers are playing including 50 ex-boys of NMS and 150 of our friends who are joining us from the various golf clubs across the country. Last year, it was played in the Nigerian Airforce Based Shasha, Lagos and I emerged champion which I am looking forward to winning again this year with the help of God.”

President of the NMS ex-Boys Association, Muhammad Baba Marte, said the Nigeria Military School has done a lot for Nigeria and will continue to support the national development in terms of security and unity of the country.

“Today we are very happy that we are celebrating ourselves and not just ourselves but our Alma Mater. Nigeria Military School is in its 70th year. The school has provided a lot for us, we came in as boys and left as men and the ex-boys have done a lot for national development in terms of security.

The chief of Naval Staff just said that NMS will continue to do a lot for national development in terms of security, unity and excellence for our nation.”

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